My Database on Rootsweb

Greg's full database online
This is my WORKING database online at (no membership required). Although you can trust records in this database that are supported by good documentation, you should still check it yourself for accuracy. At you may download gedcoms of portions of this database (up to 10 generations in either direction) for use in your own genealogy application – for some ideas on which software to use, see my Resources page.

My Database on Ancestry

Updated often
If you are an Ancestry member, you may find additional resources and links to documentation in my Ancestry database. I update it more often than I update my Rootsweb database.

My Database on this Site

Not as complete as Ancestry or Rootsweb, this database is focused on MY lineage – so expect to find many cousins here – use Ancestry or Rootsweb for that. You’ll find my pedigree, a surname and name index, and source documentation. If you wish to simply glean my work (and I’m absolutely delighted if you do!), please check out one of the databases above instead. This part of my web site simply shows off some of what RootsMagic can do.