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An Oklahoma StoryAn Oklahoma Story – Growing Up on Polecat Hill
By Ruby Beard Tuggle. My grandmother’s colorful story in her own words of the accomplishments and struggles of new westerners settling Oklahoma. Claiming land in this Indian Territory held a dangerous and unknown future for those courageous enough to try. 222 pages (includes over forty rare photos and autobiographies of Lyman and Buda McCormick Beard).

Autobiography of Lyman F. Beard
Spanish-American War veteran and Rough-Rider, Lyman Beard’s own story in his own words. Included in An Oklahoma Story (see above). 12 pages. Click here to download free ebook.

Autobiography of Buda Beard
Buda’s story in her own words. Included in An Oklahoma Story (see above). 7 pages. Click here to download free ebook.

Life and Labour of Rev. A. E. Garrison
by Rev. Abraham Ellison Garrison. 121 page autobiographical book published in 1943 by the Garrison Clan. This digital edition is an exact copy of the 1943 edition – due to privacy concerns, the Garrison Data portion of this book has been removed – and will be shared with family members only (after providing proof of relationship). 121 pages. Click here to download free ebook.
NOTE: Due to privacy concerns, this version of the book does not include the Garrison Data portion published in the original version. If you are interested in the Garrison Data, please refer to my databases.

Reminiscences of Abraham Henry Garrison
A copy of the original 141-page 1906 handwritten account of the 1846 migration (Oregon Historical Society manuscript 874) and a typed transcript of the Oregon Trail portion given to Dr. Jim Tompkins by Marijane Rea, a descendant of A. H. Garrison. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar variations are strictly those of Henry Garrison, but the text has been divided into paragraphs, as the original was not divided, and occasional missing letters and words have been added for clarity. Includes stories about crossing the plains and early days in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. 33 pages. Click here to download free ebook.

Neill Johnson Autobiography
Includes stories about crossing the plains and living in the Willamette Valley, OR, during the 1840-1880s. 51 pages. Click here to download free ebook.

Crossing The Plains – April 1, 1851 – September 14, 1851
Taken from the diary of John L. Johnson (Son of the Rev. Neill Johnson) – includes unique insights into the early history of the Willamette Valley, Oregon. 41 pages. Click here to download free ebook.

Crossing the Plains
Written for Dorothy Paxson Nelson by Anne Kemp Gowdy, this story tells of the hardships Anne Kemp experienced crossing the plains from Missouri to Oregon in 1852. Oregon was not yet a State when 8-yr-old Anne made the trip with her family. 14 pages. Click here to download free ebook.

JOURNAL OF A TRIP TO OREGON, By Abigail Jane Scott, better known by her married name, Abigail Scott Duniway, Oregon and Pacific Northwest leader in the suffrage movement for 41 years.

The Captivity by the Indians, of Richard Rue, George Holman, and Irvin Hinton in 1781
Excerpted from the book, “Recollections of the Early Settlement of the Wabash Valley” by Sandford C. Cox, Lafayette, IN, 1860. 18 pages. Click here to download.

The Adventures of Isaac Knight
History of Vanderburgh County, Indiana; Brant & Fuller, c.1889 Pages 31-40. 11 pages. Click here to download.

A Portion of My Life
Written by William M. Norman in 1864, the story of one man’s life in antebellum North Carolina, his induction into the army, his capture and subsequent imprisonment on Johnson’s Island, in which he wrote the book. This is a photocopy of the original book printed in 1959, rendered in PDF format for online viewing. Paper and hardbound reprints can be found if you look hard enough. Click here to download (52MB).