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  1. Hi there! My name is Angela Powell. I am the daughter of Tamara Emmons – Rickman who was the daughter of Donna Rolofson ( Roelofson). Donna was the daughter of Glen W. Rolofson who was the son of Wylie Wayne Rolofson etc. They came down the line of Roelofsons in which I have many historical pictures ranging from Wyoming to Oregon where Abigail S. Duniway and Harvey Scott were very big factors in the Oregon History. I appreciate your page so much and thank you for making things understandable!

  2. Greg, I recently started the journey of searching for my ancestors and you have contributed some great documents from my 4th Great Grandfather Rev. Neill Johnson and his son John Johnson. The diary of their journey on the Oregon Trail was such an interesting read! I am so glad I found it on your site! I have found little information on my 3rd Great Grandfather Lysanus (LB) so it was neat to see a small mention of him being on the Oregon Trail with the family! I just wanted to give a big ‘Thank You’ to you!

  3. Greg,
    Ann-Marie Werher referred me to your site. She has been in touch with you in the past, as we are related through the Tuggle-Helm connection. I was wondering if you can tell me how your family is related to James Douglas. I saw his name on your RootWeb data base. I would like to know if there is a connection to our family tree or if this is a lineage not connected to our branches of the Helm tree. If you can answer that, I would be most appreciative.

    You have an amazing site, and are a gifted researcher. You’ve obviously put in a lot of hours on it.

    Thanks for any info you can contribute to my question.

    1. Hi Laurie – thanks for contributing to my web site. There are two people with the name James Douglas in my family tree. One, born 1288 is a 21st great granduncle (21ggu). The other, born 1265, is a 5th cousin 22 times removed (5c22r). Please note that I got this information from a source that is riddled with errors, so could be completely erroneous.

      Both James Douglases are in the ancestry of Ruby McCormick Beard Tuggle, whose husband, Paul Butler Tuggle was the son of Thomas Tuggle and Annie Helm. That’s the Douglas connection to Helm in my family.

      Thanks for the kudos. I have SO much more to learn! 🙂

      Warm wishes,

  4. Hello to all and thanks Greg for all your research it has helped to go along with what my family has. I am the great great grandson of John Bennett, he was born to Israel Bennett and Jane Carr, Cherokee county, or possibly he was the son of their daughter Susan we are stuck at this point since he was born when Israel and Jane were about 55 yr old. So I am still trying to figure out more. We have yrs of research ànd gravesite work to share, we are still looking for jane carr’s grave and susan bennetts grave anyone with knowledge can reach me at
    Thomas Bennett, St Pete fl, 727-343-0293, [email protected]

  5. Hi Greg!

    My name is William Holman. My family is from Kentucky and I noticed a large amount of Holmans in your lineage. I am interested in learning more about my family’s past and wonder if you are in relation.


    1. Hi William!

      Thanks for dropping in. I don’t know if we are related. You might start out by checking one of the many free family tree services like Rootsweb.com (click on the “Family Trees” button at the top of the page and enter a name in the Surname, Given Name boxes right under “More than 640 million names on file”. You’ll usually get more possible matches to your family line by entering a name of an ancestor who died more than 50 years ago. Look for trees with documentation (there’s a lot of bad info out there, so documentation helps sort out the bad from the good – more evidence is better). FamilySearch.org is pretty good, too, though there are lots of errors there as well – again, look for trees with good evidence. Ancestry.com is pretty good, too, if a bit expensive (I don’t know your budget, so pardon me). There are lots of other web sites that offer similar services to Ancestry at comparable pricing.

      Hope I’ve been helpful,

  6. Sorry to say i don’t have any documentation of George Beard. Forgot to say on my last info is that Grandma and Grandpa settled in Winfield, Kansas. I know they lived all over Oklahoma before. They had 11 children with only 8 living to adulthood. My mom was born on a sheep ranch somewhere in Oklahoma, Vida or someplace like that. She had to send off for a special birth certificate because the town no longer is there, i don’t remember to much about it i was young then.

  7. Hi,
    My grandmother was Florence Goldina Beard , she married Floral Isaac Darnell. Grandma Goldie was a second cousin to Lyman Beard according to my records. Her parents were George Henderson Beard and Martha Ellen Coleman. George H. father was William H. Beard and William’s father was George Beard who was married to Matilda. Nice to meet another relative. Love all your Beard family pics.

    1. Thanks for dropping by! I wonder if you have any information or documentation to elucidate the ancestry of George Beard (father of William H.). Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad you enjoyed the pics. -Cousin Greg

  8. Hi Greg

    Nice to meet you.

    I am the great grand daughter of Hessie Laura Bennett.
    She got married to Mr. Hesterlee. However, he was already married to someone with children in England. We believe his first name was David. From the marriage bed, Evelyn Marie Bennett was born. She married Russell Benigno and had 6 children. 2 of the children have already passed away. If you want more info email me. Can we be linked to the site?.

    Ps. I have a picture of all the brothers and sisters of Hessie.

    1. Hi Nicole. Thanks for dropping by. Hessie is my wife’s fifth cousin twice removed (5C2R) – making you, then, her 7C1R. Waves and smiles to you – Greg

  9. Hi Greg;
    You are correct as to our common ancestor. Lawrence Roelofson, Sr.
    I am just am amateur at all this. I was born in 1935 but have played around with the family since about 1970.
    I don’t how to contact you.
    So will have to let you get in touch with me.
    I have several books and information about the Family.
    My data base in Family Ties (based on The LDS PAF program.
    I don’t know how to use the Getcon program however.
    I also have information for the Knepper, Gilson. Slafter, Countryman, Chamber, Cheny. and Reasoner families.
    I have about 1500 printed pages of family from MyFamily.com which has since been retired by My Ancestery.

    I would like to share any and all
    Thanks for the reply.
    Mel Rolofson (Melvin Paul Rolofson)

  10. Hi Greg

    My father was Samuel Paul Rolofson
    I live in Gresham, Or.
    I have approx 14000 names in my data base
    Would like to get in touch

    1. Hi, Mel. Thanks for dropping by. My guess is that our common ancestor is Lawrence Roelofson (1762-1855). His children made quite a contribution to our Oregon history. Please feel free to contact me using my contact page. Warmly, yer cousin Greg

      1. Hi Greg
        I thought that I had posted my contact info. Before on the above query.
        But it don’t look like it. so will try again.

        Mel Rolofson
        2835 NE 6th St
        Gresham, Or. 97030

        Phone 503-669-8423

        I’m up, a brick wall as to how to contact you!

        hope to hear from you soon so we can compare or share information

        Regards cousin Melvin Paul (Mel or Paul) Rolofson

  11. You have a wonderful site! I was looking for my grandfather’s birthday last night and found him on one of your pages. His name was Elbert Ray Hazle. You have all the information about my family through him! Amazing. I’m writing, however, to tell you you have the wrong year of his death. He died in 1996 in August just before my Mother – his daughter Delta – died in Oct. that same year. Thanks for your site and it’s wonderful documentation!

    1. Thanks, Leta. Unfortunately, I have no documentation on the Hazle family. I don’t even recall where I got the data on them. I’m gratified that my web site helped you – and thank you for the correction concerning your grandfather. -Greg

  12. Greg,

    I\’m midway through a 4-volume history of the Oregon-California trails and am wrapping up a comprehensive bibliography of some 2,500 overland narratives. I stumbled across your PDF of:

    Johnson, John Lawrence. Overland Journey of the Rev. Neill Johnson and His Family from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa to Oregon [1851]. WA MSS 274, Beinecke Library. See also Journal, 1851. Ms 1185, Oregon Historical Society, Typescript. Excerpted in “The Buffalo Skull Romance: John Lawrence Johnson,” in With Her Own Wings: Historical Sketches, Reminisces, and Anecdotes of Pioneer Women. Ed. by Helen K. Smith. Portland, Oreg: Beattie and Company, 1948, 47–52.

    But I don\’t have a complete web address for it. Could you send the link to me at [email protected].

    Keep up the great work.

    Will Bagley
    The Prairie Dog Press
    330 Quince St.
    Salt Lake City, UT 84103-1640
    Home: 801-322-3911
    Cell: 801-231-6461 (doesn\’t work in the office during the day)
    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: will.bagley50

    I find the more I find out, the more I need to find out.–Dale L. Morgan

  13. Hi,
    I came across your website and am really impressed by the work you’ve done. I live in Colesville, Maryland, and am trying to learn more about the early citizens of my community. I believe some of your ancestors had the surname Lazenby. There is an 1865 Martenet Map of our County (Montgomery) that shows someone named “F Lazenby” living here in the community at that time. I was wondering if you had heard of this person before.
    Steve Patterson

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Steve. I’ve only one F. Lazenby in my ancestry – Fairy Lazenby, a 4th cousin, who married Frank Wolverton. She lived in the 20th century but I don’t know where (most likely NC). I have record of Joshua Lazenby (son of Robert Lazenby of Montgomery Co) married to Keziah Beall ca 1780 in Montgomery Co, MD (both were born in Montgomery Co). You might look into the Beall family as well. You may wish to do a search of my data on Rootsweb or Ancestry if you think such a search might be fruitful (links are on this web site under Database).
      Best wishes,

  14. Greg, I have a few old photos of Mildred Beard Pickett’s family; as well as some photos from a Beard family reunion hosted by Elinore Beard Russell. What is the best way to send them to you?

    1. Hi Greg! So nice to hear from you so soon again. The best way to contact me is by using the Contact button at the top left of every page of this web site. If you’ll include your email address in your message, I’ll contact you back with instructions for sending me photos. I’d LOVE to see your pics as I have few of your family.

  15. Hi, I am related to the Snow and Summerlott family. Agnes just passed away on the 25th of Jan. this year. I would be interested in any information on either the Snow or Summerlott families, mostly from the Herrick, Illinois area.
    Thanks, Peter

    1. Hi, Peter –
      Thanks for dropping in. I’ve posted all the information I have online at Ancestry.com and Rootsweb.com.
      Again, thanks for leaving a line in my guestbook.
      – Greg

  16. Hello Greg. I stumbled upon your website via a mixed blessing – my mother, Beatrice Joynt “Pickett” Blasdell is now in hospice care with terminal cancer. She has been in the Westminster at Lakeridge facility in Woodbridge, VA for several years. While going through her apartment, we (my brothers and I) are finding a few historical family treasures. Most recently, we have discovered a resume for our grandfather, Capt. Harry D, Pickett USN. It shows that he played a significant role in the development and testing of US nuclear weapons throughout the 1950’s. That’s what prompted me to do an internet search, which led me to your site.

    We’ll try to get some scans of some of the more interesting documents to you. I also have a genealogy put together by Elenor Beard Russell that traces the family back to the Mayflower.

    As an update, my aunt Sharon Pickett (youngest of Harry and Mildred) died a few years ago from breast cancer.

    1. Hello, Greg! How awesome to connect with you! You and I are 2nd cousins (Lyman Beard being our common ancestor). I’m excited you “found me.” I’m also excited to learn you have some information about your Grandpa Pickett. I’ll contact you via email. Thank you for leaving a note in my guestbook. I look forward to “chatting” with you.

      1. Hello again. Just a quick note to update your data base. Beatrice Anne Joynt (aka Beatrice Joynt Pickett aka Beatrice Joynt Blasdell) died on Jan. 27, 2013 in Woodbridge, VA from breast cancer complications.

  17. Hi Greg:
    I contacted you a few months ago about a Bennett family connection and mentioned I was having a DNA test through FamilyTreeDNA. I have since received the results which you can view on ySearch.com. My user ID is KPUTQ. I tested at 67 markers so far I have had only one good match a Ralph Bennett Jr. he is also in the FamilyTreeDNA database. Please compare my results with yours and let me know what you think. I have done a review but I am not very knowledgeable at interrupting the results. I am assuming that you probably are.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Dale Bennett
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    [email protected]

    1. Hi Dale,

      According to ySearch, you and I have a genetic distance of 15, which means, according to Family Tree DNA, “The two men are totally unrelated within the genealogical time frame on their direct paternal line. Their shared ancestry is deeply anthropological and dates to the common African heritage of the human race.” We could be related but not within 15 generations. Seems odd considering how closely the timeline is between my Thomas Bennett and your Minerva Bennett (both traveled the Oregon Trail in the same year and lived in Iowa at about the same time). Oh, well. Always nice to chat with you, Dale, even if we aren’t related within 15 generations.

      Warm regards,

  18. Greg:
    I am trying to help a lady get into the Huguenot Society through her Helm Beaman line back to the Calmes in Manakintowne, VA. The proof I need is Nancy Jane Helm who md. William Keller was the daughter of George Wright Helm. Can you help me?

    Gloria Rice West,
    [email protected]

  19. Dear Mr. Bennette,
    The Buda Beard publication on your site provides a connection to research I am doing for the Edmond Historical Society & Museum where I work.

    I am looking for Ollie/Olive McCormick Taylor’s photo. She was the first Schoolmarm in Edmond, I.T. She taught at the first one-room territorial schoolhouse for the first year of classes beginning in Sept. 1889.

    In Mrs. Beard’s remembrances, (a pdf file available on your site), I stumbled across the passage where Buda talks about her cousin: Ollie McCormick Taylor.

    I am fairly sure this is the same person I am searching for. I am hopeful about the possibility that we could connect to a family member who may have a photo of Ollie, ideally in the era when she taught at the Schoolhouse, or any history retained in the family which would better illustrate that first year of teaching.

    Please call me at (405)340-0078, ext. 101. I would love to speak with you regarding this bit of important history for our Historical Society.

    Thank you,
    Nina Hager, Exhibit Director, Edmond Historical Society & Museum

    1. Dear Nina,

      Thank you for dropping by. I’m afraid I have no further information about Ollie McCormick Taylor or any photos of her. The information I have I got from my great aunt, Elinor Beard Miller. Elinor has passed away, but she left all her materials with her daughter, Donna, who lives in Quincy, IL. If you’d like to get in contact with her, please click the “Contact” flyout on any of my web site pages. I’ll reply to your inquiry with contact info for my cousin, Donna (whose privacy I respect).


  20. I’m not sure how you got the Tyson siblings being born in Canada but it is now what I have.

    Oregonian of 18 Jan 1946 pg 9 col 4
    Funeral services for Clyde A. Tyson who died Tuesday at Portland General hospital following his being stricken Monday while at work, will be held Friday at 2 P. M. at Ross Hollywood mortuary
    Mr. Tyson was born at Sherwood on July 8, 1899[sic]. He lived at Skamokawa, Wash., where he and a brother operated a shingle mill, for 24 years. He had been employed here as maintenance man at the Swetland building.
    Exact cause of death was not known to the family.
    Rev. James Earl Ladd, pastor of Central Christian church, will officiate at services in which Samaritan Odd Fellows lodge will participate. Mr. Tyson was also a member of the Redmen.
    Surviving are the widow Mrs. Alice V. Tyson; a son, Carl A. Tyson of Bently, Wash.; a brother, Harry E. Tyson of Goldendale, Wash.; and a sister, Mrs. Tula Hackney, also of Goldendale.

    1. Gary,
      Awesome find! I have no idea where I “inherited” the data on the Tyson family, but it is obviously incorrect. I don’t even know why I keep the data on my computer as my Olds family database is vast yet none of them are blood related to me. I keep promising myself that I’ll do some family tree pruning, but so far haven’t gotten to it. My wife sometimes complains about the same thing in relation to her honeydo list… I suppose it goes along with my motto, “Never put off until tomorrow that which you can put off altogether.”
      Thanks again and best wishes,

    1. Gary,
      Thanks for visiting and contributing. The Oregon State Archives is a great resource for Oregon ancestry. “Delayed Birth Certificate” means somebody recorded a birth in Oregon after the fact – even though the birth may have actually occurred elsewhere. For example, I have two great aunts listed in the OSA delayed birth certificates as being born in Oregon – which would be quite the feat since their mother didn’t leave Iowa until after their birth (they are listed in the 1850 census of Iowa). Again, the OSA is a great resource, but for delayed birth certificates I’d check elsewhere, too.

  21. Hi On your website you have a marriage of Sarah Ann Hunter to Meredith Helm III, two people I have been researching. You also cite “The History of the Helm Family of Kentucky” by Ben Helm in your sources, which I think is probably your source for this marriage. I have been trying to locate this book for a while, and I wonder if you have the book or have access to it.
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Erica. Thanks for dropping by the site and leaving a comment in the Guestbook. I do not have a copy of the book in question. I downloaded my data on Meredith Helm III from Rootsweb years ago and since then discovered that Rootsweb can be very unreliable. When you do locate the book, I hope you’ll find it online and will return here to leave another comment with a hyperlink to the book so that I and my site visitors may benefit from your discovery. Or maybe you’ll find the physical book itself and prove or disprove my data (I’m happy either way). I look forward to hearing from you then.
      Thanks again, Greg

  22. Greg,
    I was pleased to see your website and genealogy. I am supposed to be a direct descendant of Minerva (Mayes) Gowdy,s sister, Malinda (Mayes) Wallace. I am trying to document their parents, Thomas Edward and Susannah (Rutledge) Mayes. Do you have anything, tax record, deed, church record or any proof of either of them? I am thinking of investigating the existence of an Georgia ‘orphans court’ that may have taken custody of their five children, including Minerva and Malinda, when their parents died so young. I am trying to confirm what Ancestry.com says about my lineage, and I have hit a brick wall.

    Regards and thanks, in advance,

    Carolyn Wertelecki

    1. Thank you for dropping by, Carolyn. I wish I had good news for you. The Thomas Mayes family looks like another tragic family circumstance typical of that era and area of the country, that may account for why so many of the Gowdys moved to Illinois and on to Oregon shortly thereafter. The year 1816 was remembered as the year without a summer – crops failed all over the country, it snowed almost everywhere that year in August, etc. Harsh times, indeed. We have it SO good now. Best wishes on your search – Greg.

  23. I was told that somehow my family, the Marsh’s of Oklahoma, are somehow involved in your search. Personally, I moved West at the the of 3, in 1955, and grew up in Torrance. Oddly enough, I lived in Sheridan, Ore., for a couple of years in the mid-90’s. Anyway, if we are, perhaps I can help you. I know what you’re doing is interesting. I had an uncle that did the same thing back in the ’70’s. He even went to Ireland to read County Cork’s registry from the 1700’s. Interesting stuff. Traced us to Adam which threw a shadow over a lot of it for me. Respect and enjoy….Jay (john) Marsh

    1. Thanks for visiting, Jay. We may, indeed, be related. Please feel free to visit my online database on Rootsweb and/or Ancestry and leave corrections (with documentation, please). My genealogical research is a work in progress – I very much appreciate feedback and useful research hints, etc. Warm wishes, Greg.

  24. Greg, OK, I will offer it on the OR-roots genealogy list and see if there are any takers. I guess you can see why I thought it was Sadie’s death date. The 17th is only a month apart and the 32 couldn’t have been transposed. : ) It happens. Must be a relative of Louise who wrote the notation.
    I will leave you with a one of the newspaper articles in the book that I thought was amusing. Hope you enjoy it too.

    July 28, 1925
    Colonel Milton A Miller is perhaps the only man of the Pacific Coast who was ever shaved by the late William J. Bryan.
    It was some time after the election of 1896 that Miller went East to visit the Democratic leader in his home at Lincoln, Neb.
    The Oregon man arrived late Saturday night. There was no time for shaving. Sunday morning came and no barber shops were open. Miller did not carry a razor.
    “We’ll go to church together, Mr. Miller,” said the host, happily.
    “Well, Mr. Bryan, I don’t look acceptable. I need a shave and there’s no place to get one,” replied the Oregon man.
    “Come right in here,” said Bryan, leading the way to the bathroom.
    A big towel was quickly wrapped around Miller’s neck, the former candidate for president smeared his friend’s face with lather and in a few minutes Miller was shaved and ready for church.
    “I surely do remember that several times he nearly took the skin off me,” said Miller. “But it was the most noted close shave of my life.”

  25. Hi Greg, fabulous website! I too have Oregon Pioneer ancestors and it is fascinating! I wanted to let you know that I have a book that I bought a long time ago when it was my hobby to find old family relics to send home to some interested descendant. It was owned by Sadie A. Kemp and was a gift from Dr. Armstrong who was her Dr. during the winter of 1912-13. Her daughter made notations:
    “Louise Kemp Lindahl read this book through while living at 175 N. Auburn St., Siera Madra, California, Aug. 1922. S.A. Kemp took it to her July 8th, 1922.
    Jan. 17th 1923, she left us.”
    I think this corrects Sadie’s death date. I would like very much for you to have the book if you are interested, and I think you will be. It is “Realization” by Ernest Welmer and it is very inspirational and full of good advice. The book also has newspaper clippings and notes and places where the copy is underlined.
    Hope to hear from you.

    1. Linda – Wow! What an awesomely generous offer! I THINK the Sadie you’re referring to is Sadie Ann Butson Kemp, wife of John Anthony Kemp, my 2great granduncle. Sadie’s daughter, Louise Kemp (Lindahl) is my first cousin 3 times removed (1c3r). I was unaware that Louise had married – just hadn’t yet gotten around to researching on that family group.

      I think I’m a bit far out on that family tree and someone closer related might enjoy your treasure more than I would – although it is quite a treasure indeed. I had better decline your generous offer and defer to a closer relative, though – with gratitude and sincere thanks.

      As to Sadie’s death date – her obituary in the Oregon Statesman, Tuesday, Dec. 20, 1932, definitely puts her death date at 17 Dec 1932 in Portland, Oregon. So the phrase, “Jan 17th 1923, she left us” must refer to Louise, who, according to her headstone, died in 1923.


  26. Greg,
    Thanks for the pics and OMG our 4ggmtoher “Nancy Reese” and my Grandmother “Josephine Alberta Morgan. Morgan” could be twins!! Since this photo was taken in 1849 it has to be from a “cased image” like a daguerreotype or and ambro-type since Paper photo’s were not able to be made until around 1860’s.
    Reese Morgan’s son “Philander Morgan” resembles Reese alot.
    My sister ” Patty” resembles “Emily Morgan McCormick” alot.

    1. Thanks for adding value to my web site, Gloria. Don’t you just love it when you can see family resemblances? Our ancestors truly do live on through us – the more we learn about them, the more we learn about ourselves.

    1. Awesome! Aquilla James Davis is my 2 great grand uncle on my Dad’s side (married to my 2gga, Martha Ann Gowdy). You and I are then related by the marriage of Mr. Davis to my 2nd great grand aunt, Martha Gowdy Davis. Although not related by blood, it’s still pretty cool that we have a connection. Thanks for visiting and posting to my guestbook. -Greg

  27. I ran across your website in my search for Margaret ‘Peggy’ Boyle. I’ve concentrated on Thomas Kelly (my ancestor) to little avail except for using the process of elimination–but now I’m looking for Margaret, also with no avail. In any case, I am impressed with your website and your research. I live in Canyonville, by the way–and am an Oregonian.

  28. my name is michael john bennette, i live in uitenhage eastern cape south africa, i came upon your name by chance, i’ve been working on the bennette family tree for about eight years, i’ve got information dating back to the 1820’s of my great great grandfathers ( theophilus trewella bennette) born in 02 april 1820 in the the cape of south africa, spent many years in england trying to trace back the bennette surname, which was bennett, but some where along the line changed to bennette, regards michael

    1. Hi Mike. I’m pretty sure our two Bennette families are unrelated (at least within the past 2 centuries). My Bennette surname (with the final “e”) came about as a result of two fellows with the same surname (Bennett) living next door to each other in Oregon about 1870 (at least that’s the story I got from my grandfather). My Bennett surname originated (probably) in England prior to about 1840. I have no idea yet WHERE in England – that’s the rub for me. Hope you find what you’re looking for. Thanks for dropping in and looking around. Hope you enjoyed the web site. – G

  29. What a great site, Greg.
    We are heading West this week and we are anxious to walk parts of the Oregon Trail again.

    1. Hi, Lisa. How wonderful to hear from you again! I sent you email separately. Thanks for the offer to identify photos. Awesome!

    2. Hi my grandfather was Phillip H Ray he was born in 1901 in henryetta ok. my dad was also phillip H Ray . I have a brother named Jack Edward Ray. I am related to Henry and etta beard of Henryetta Ok. She was Etta Ray before getting married to henry

      1. Hi Timothy A. Ray! How exciting to meet you! Thank you for dropping by and leaving a note. I’d love to communicate directly with you about some questions I have about your family. Please use my contact page to contact me. Thank you. -Greg

  30. Hello Greg I am the grand daughter of Louise Tuggle. I knew Ruby and Paul. If my records are correct Paul died back on 10/20/2007. I couldnt believe he could use email. He was so funny. I also have met Pete but not Carol.
    Some of your pictures have the wrong names listed. The pic of Larry Belger is actually Theodore Theopolis Harris (aka Chas Harris) my great grandpa’s twin brother. I have many pics of Larry that I can send you even with Chas and Violet his wife in them too.. The pic you have as Wallace and Louise Harris is really Connie and her second husband Matt Millard. There are a couple more I can mention later. Email me and we can swap stories and pics. Lisa Ann Harris

  31. I have a Rev Theron Brittain b. 1833 Damascus, WayneCo, PA d. 17 Nov 1920 in my tree with 2 wives and 1 child. Was going to send you a family group sheet, but don’t see that option. They are buried in Hillside Cem. Damascus, Wayne Co., PA, tombstone photos on Findagrave if you are interested. My tree is on Ancestry but is Private for now. You have put together a wonderful site.

    1. Thank you, Bev. The part of my family tree you refer to I downloaded from Rootsweb.com and is not yet proven. However, as it is part of my working database, I include it. If you can document my data, I’d be grateful for the assistance – I like to have accurate information to share. Thank you again and best wishes – Greg

  32. Greg, I found your site through research on my gg grandparents Jacob Roop and Katherine Norman and their son (General) Coffee Roop. Are you connected in some way to this line? If there are connections I would certainly be interested in sharing notes. Great site – really enjoyed. Phillip

    1. Phillip – thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice guestbook entry. Coffee Roop is my wife’s 4th cousin, 3 times removed (4C3R) – through the Eli Norman (b. 1740) – Sarah Ann Green (b. 1742) line. I acquired that portion of my tree many years ago from a family tree on Rootsweb.com that did not include source documentation. Because I have no source documentation, that entire line should be considered suspect – until it is proven, of course. Thanks again for visiting and posting – and for the generous offer to share notes. – Greg

  33. Hi there,
    I’m related to Ismuel Pressley Bennette and Ada Bennette. They had many children. One of there daughter is Nadine and she is my grandmother. They are from North Carolina. I was surprise to see Bennette Pressley listed on the database.
    Nicole, Indiana

    1. Hi Nicole,
      Yes, what a fun and interesting coincidence! Thank you for sharing it with me.
      Best wishes,

  34. I am searching for info on Henry A. Williams b Wythe co VA 1834 m Nancy Leonard in same town1862. I appreciate any help you can offer. I am helpi ng a friend who is a retired US Army Vet . I like helping our vets! By the way, your state sounds Beautiful!! I have a friend who works for the Va hospital in VA who was born in Oregon, he is a super nice fellow. Thank YOU ! Peggy. 7-16-10

    1. Hi Peggy. I can’t definitively identify Henry A. Williams in my database and I have no record of a Nancy Leonard. Even though I have a Henry A. Williams in my database, he married Mary Margaret Snow – no other data. Sorry. Wish I could help. Best wishes, Greg.

  35. You said you were trying to track down George Beard. So am I. He was apparently born about 1782 in Williamson Co., TN (which then included parts of what became Maury Co.) He reportedly married Matilda Neal. He is located in the 1820 census living in Williamsport (in Maury Co.) I suspect one of his sons, also named George, moved to Perry Co. in 1830 and opened a store in what became known as Beardstown. (Or it may have been George Sr.) I have a little more if you’re interested.

    1. Dear Bob,
      Many thanks for posting to my guestbook. I, too, found the George Beard family in the 1820 US Census of Williamsport. Records of the George Beard family have been difficult to find. I suspect they tended to live “on the edge” of civilization – a heritage of pioneers living on the fringe so to speak – rather than city dwellers. I found a marriage record for George and Matilda Neal Beard (check Ancestry.com for “Tennessee Marriages to 1825”). I’m having great difficulty connecting George Beard (1785) to his parents (whoever they are). I have reason to believe his father’s name was Lewis – but have absolutely no solid evidence to support the notion. If you have any clues as to George Beard’s ancestry, I’d be delighted to learn of it. Thanks again for the generous offer. I’m always interested in comparing notes. – Greg

  36. I think we might be related. My father was Milton Richard Lee born in San Bernardino, CA in 1937. My great grandfather was also Milton Richard Lee I believe from Oregon somewhere. We have a Lee family bible around here somewhere from the late 1800’s, with geneology information going back to the 1700’s I know one of my ancestors was an Oregon Trail survivor and was written up in a newspaper article some decades ago (have the clipping in the bible). I’m not certain, but I Joseph Dunn Bradford Lee sounds sort of familiar as my great great grandfather.

    ALSO, I’m related to the Bennetts via my paternal grandmother. Not sure if that is the same as your Bennettes. I think they are also from Oregon.

    Incidentally, my full genome is up on 23andMe.com, if you are also there and want to do a genetic comparison.

    1. Dear rdlee632,
      Thank you for signing my guestbook. Of course, we can’t know for sure if we are related without some evidence – such as shared ancestry, matching DNA, etc. You can compare your family bible entries with those on my web site to see if we have common ancestors. My DNA profile is posted to the web site (greg.bennette.org) and on Ancestry.com and ysearch.org. 23andme.com requires the purchase of their DNA test in order to gain access to member DNA profiles like yours, so I can’t compare yours with mine there (I already have a DNA test so don’t need to buy another one just to compare with yours). Thanks again for dropping by and taking the time to sign the guestbook. Sorry the contact form failed to work properly – I’ll check that out.

  37. Interesting website. It’s obvious you have done a lot of work and research. I appreciate the shared Beard family history (not my own) for two of my grandchildren. With the information you’ve provided it clears up confusion of what others have posted online. Thank you. Ludie

  38. My husband’s family are the Farrens family. I found your sight in looking for relation. I think this is interesting. If you have any info that would help we would love to hear from you.

  39. I noticed that you had posted some information on rootsweb on a Frances Shipp married to a Phoeboe Olds. He was my uncle and his brother was my grandfather. Phoeboes sister was my grandmother. Are you of relation or researching for someone?

    Shannon Shipp

    1. Dear Shannon,

      Thank you for posting on my Guestbook. I am not related to any of the Olds family. My aunt by marriage has a great aunt who married an Olds – and that is how the Olds came into my database. As I have not had time nor inclination yet to prove out the Olds line, I would highly suspect my Olds data. “One of these days” I tell myself, “I’ll get a round-tuit!” – Greg

  40. My name is Bronwyn. I am enjoying your website very much. George Sherman Lazenby is my great-grandfather. Alma Lazenby is my grandmother. When I am able to, I will share some more information.

    1. Dear Bronwyn (an interesting name, I think),
      Thank you for your post to my Guestbook. And thank you for your willingness to share. I recommend that when you are ready post your data to Rootsweb.com where it can be enjoyed and worked on by many many more – FREE. Just post a link to your Rootsweb database here so we can find it easier. Again many thanks for your most generous offer and intent. I’ve come to expect such generosity from my web site visitors. It’s refreshing in today’s world of financial woes and low levels of trust. – Greg

  41. Dear Sandi,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I’d love to connect and share information. Please contact me by email – just click the “Contact Me” link above.

    Best wishes,

    1. Dear Deb,

      Many thanks for your generous offer – and the obvious hard work you put into your ancestry site – well done indeed! I’m reasonably sure now that your Hulls and mine are different. They may be related though I don’t know how yet – but they are definitely NOT the same family as the dates and names do not match. SOME names are the same or similar – making one believe they MUST be the same family (how many “Trustrum Hulls” can there be?). As I gathered much of my information from Robert Rohde, I must defer to him until I can prove out his data – which needs it as Robert has not included any documentation to support his data. IF I prove his data to be incorrect, I may be back to investigate your well-documented Hull ancestry with a new eye and fresh perspective – along with a deep sense of gratitude for your kind and generous collaboration offer and contact.

      All my very best to you,

  42. I am researching the Keyt/Kemp families. Susan Kemp married E. C. Keyt in 1853. Susan was Sarah Kemp’s oldest daughter and sister of Anna Gowdy. Would love to see if we could share information. Thank you.

  43. Dear Carol,

    I have not found Sarah Delashmutt among my Delashmutts. There were several Delashmutt families in the Willamette Valley as early as 1860. Mine arrived in 1852.

  44. My husband’s great grandmother was a Sarah DeLashmutt that could be the one you have in your web site. She named her daughter Amanda. DO you have any information on who Sarah married?
    Amanda was perhaps born in Salem or Oregon City in 1876- Did Sarah die?
    Amanda was taken out to eastern Wa where she met and married Walter West Markham.
    I would appreciate any information.
    We are Oregonions -but misplaced at the moment in Florida. We miss God’s country.

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