Nicholas and Sarah Hopper Lee

In the spring of 1847 Nicholas and Sarah Hopper Lee started to Oregon, but raids by Indians upon the cattle of the train and losses in stampedes, left them practically without a team. They threw away much of the household goods and purchased a yoke of oxen from another train enabling them to complete the long and wearisome journey to Oregon.

By Hon. Joseph D. Lee

The best information of the Lee family is that three brothers came from Normandy, France, with William the Conqueror in the year 1066. Their Norman name was DeLei and was Anglicized Lee.

Intervening history is too lengthy for recital in this paper. Joseph Lee, related to the Revolutionary Lees, was born in Cape May County, New Jersey, about 1781. When some 30 years of age he married Amy Lunbeck. In 1817 with their first child Jonathan Johnson Lee they moved to Pike county, Ohio, where were born Nicholas, Richard, Joseph Dunn Bradford and several daughters.

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