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John Glenn Newbill’s Slaves

As told to Elsie Odell Bennette by Beth Gowdy about her mother, Anne Kemp Gowdy and her grandfather, John Glenn Newbill.

John Glenn Newbill of Virginia was a slave owner but his slaves were well treated. When his daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Riley Kemp, moved to Pettis County, Missouri, he gave her a couple. Continue reading

Riley Kemp’s Bet

As told by Beth Gowdy about her grandfather, Riley Kemp.

Riley Kemp was sheriff of Pettis County, Missouri, for eight years. Once before an election he and the other candidate made a friendly bet that the one who lost would give the other one an overcoat. Continue reading

Crossing the Plains

Personal Recollections of the Journey to Oregon in 1852, by Mrs. J. T. Gowdy (Anne Eliza Kemp) of McMinnville.

I was born Nov. 23, 1843, in Pettis county, Missouri, near where the city of Sedalia now is, but there was no city there then, the county seat, Georgetown, was the nearest town from where our farm was.

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The Sun Bonnet

Told by Anne Kemp Gowdy.

I was six years old in November, 1849. The next spring I went to school for the first time. We were living on a farm, near where is now the city of Sedalia, Missouri. My teacher was Mrs. Ferguson. She taught, or kept school, as we said then, in her home.

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