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Greg Bennette
Greg Bennette

Family history fascinates me. I love poring over genealogical records on the trail of an ancestor. I especially enjoy reading, hearing, and sharing historical family stories and accounts.

I built my first computer in 1968 and have been programming them since 1967 (PDP-8s). When the LDS came out with their free PAF genealogical database, I jumped on it. Since then, I’ve typed hundreds of thousands of characters into my ever-growing database. The glory of computers is that one can much more effectively check data. I’ve cut off entire branches of my family tree because I was able, with the help of my trusty computer, to disprove a line.

Thanks to online resources like findagrave.com, WikiTree, Genealogy.com and Ancestry.com – and the LDS’ continuing work in the field of genealogy with their free online resource, FamilySearch.org – millions upon millions of records are available to anyone. I participate in their efforts through FamilySearch’s on-going indexing program.

I’ve gathered a lot of data from a lot of sources. Unfortunately, some of my data is not supported with adequate documentation. I appreciate any and all assistance toward making my database accurate. Please feel free to contact me – I love communicating with relatives.

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