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    Greg Says:

    Hi Timothy A. Ray! How exciting to meet you! Thank you for dropping by and leaving a note. I’d love to communicate directly with you about some questions I have about your family. Please use my contact page to contact me. Thank you. -Greg

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    Timothy A Ray Says:

    Hi my grandfather was Phillip H Ray he was born in 1901 in henryetta ok. my dad was also phillip H Ray . I have a brother named Jack Edward Ray. I am related to Henry and etta beard of Henryetta Ok. She was Etta Ray before getting married to henry

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    Greg Says:

    Thanks, Leta. Unfortunately, I have no documentation on the Hazle family. I don’t even recall where I got the data on them. I’m gratified that my web site helped you – and thank you for the correction concerning your grandfather. -Greg

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    Leta Brewer Says:

    You have a wonderful site! I was looking for my grandfather’s birthday last night and found him on one of your pages. His name was Elbert Ray Hazle. You have all the information about my family through him! Amazing. I’m writing, however, to tell you you have the wrong year of his death. He died in 1996 in August just before my Mother – his daughter Delta – died in Oct. that same year. Thanks for your site and it’s wonderful documentation!

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    Greg Says:

    Hi, Will. Thanks for dropping by. The direct link to the manuscript sent me by Kate Cook is According to Kate, she transcribed the text from the original diary. I was unaware of the book you mentioned – though not surprised as the Johnsons were prolific writers. Best wishes and best of luck on your project – Greg

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    Will Bagley Says:


    I\’m midway through a 4-volume history of the Oregon-California trails and am wrapping up a comprehensive bibliography of some 2,500 overland narratives. I stumbled across your PDF of:

    Johnson, John Lawrence. Overland Journey of the Rev. Neill Johnson and His Family from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa to Oregon [1851]. WA MSS 274, Beinecke Library. See also Journal, 1851. Ms 1185, Oregon Historical Society, Typescript. Excerpted in “The Buffalo Skull Romance: John Lawrence Johnson,” in With Her Own Wings: Historical Sketches, Reminisces, and Anecdotes of Pioneer Women. Ed. by Helen K. Smith. Portland, Oreg: Beattie and Company, 1948, 47–52.

    But I don\’t have a complete web address for it. Could you send the link to me at wlbagley.

    Keep up the great work.

    Will Bagley
    The Prairie Dog Press
    330 Quince St.
    Salt Lake City, UT 84103-1640
    Home: 801-322-3911
    Cell: 801-231-6461 (doesn\’t work in the office during the day)
    Email: wlbagley
    Skype: will.bagley50

    I find the more I find out, the more I need to find out.–Dale L. Morgan

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    Greg Says:

    Thanks for dropping by, Steve. I’ve only one F. Lazenby in my ancestry – Fairy Lazenby, a 4th cousin, who married Frank Wolverton. She lived in the 20th century but I don’t know where (most likely NC). I have record of Joshua Lazenby (son of Robert Lazenby of Montgomery Co) married to Keziah Beall ca 1780 in Montgomery Co, MD (both were born in Montgomery Co). You might look into the Beall family as well. You may wish to do a search of my data on Rootsweb or Ancestry if you think such a search might be fruitful (links are on this web site under Database).
    Best wishes,

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    Steve Patterson Says:

    I came across your website and am really impressed by the work you’ve done. I live in Colesville, Maryland, and am trying to learn more about the early citizens of my community. I believe some of your ancestors had the surname Lazenby. There is an 1865 Martenet Map of our County (Montgomery) that shows someone named “F Lazenby” living here in the community at that time. I was wondering if you had heard of this person before.
    Steve Patterson

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    Greg Says:

    Hi Greg! So nice to hear from you so soon again. The best way to contact me is by using the Contact button at the top left of every page of this web site. If you’ll include your email address in your message, I’ll contact you back with instructions for sending me photos. I’d LOVE to see your pics as I have few of your family.

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    Greg Blasdell Says:

    Greg, I have a few old photos of Mildred Beard Pickett’s family; as well as some photos from a Beard family reunion hosted by Elinore Beard Russell. What is the best way to send them to you?

  11. 68
    Greg Says:

    Hi, Peter –
    Thanks for dropping in. I’ve posted all the information I have online at and
    Again, thanks for leaving a line in my guestbook.
    – Greg

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    Peter Zeitler Says:

    Hi, I am related to the Snow and Summerlott family. Agnes just passed away on the 25th of Jan. this year. I would be interested in any information on either the Snow or Summerlott families, mostly from the Herrick, Illinois area.
    Thanks, Peter

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    Greg Says:

    Greg – I’m so sorry to hear that news. Thank you for the update. – Greg

  14. 65
    Greg Blasdell Says:

    Hello again. Just a quick note to update your data base. Beatrice Anne Joynt (aka Beatrice Joynt Pickett aka Beatrice Joynt Blasdell) died on Jan. 27, 2013 in Woodbridge, VA from breast cancer complications.

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    Greg Says:

    Hello, Greg! How awesome to connect with you! You and I are 2nd cousins (Lyman Beard being our common ancestor). I’m excited you “found me.” I’m also excited to learn you have some information about your Grandpa Pickett. I’ll contact you via email. Thank you for leaving a note in my guestbook. I look forward to “chatting” with you.

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    Gregory Alan Pickett Blasdell Says:

    Hello Greg. I stumbled upon your website via a mixed blessing – my mother, Beatrice Joynt “Pickett” Blasdell is now in hospice care with terminal cancer. She has been in the Westminster at Lakeridge facility in Woodbridge, VA for several years. While going through her apartment, we (my brothers and I) are finding a few historical family treasures. Most recently, we have discovered a resume for our grandfather, Capt. Harry D, Pickett USN. It shows that he played a significant role in the development and testing of US nuclear weapons throughout the 1950’s. That’s what prompted me to do an internet search, which led me to your site.

    We’ll try to get some scans of some of the more interesting documents to you. I also have a genealogy put together by Elenor Beard Russell that traces the family back to the Mayflower.

    As an update, my aunt Sharon Pickett (youngest of Harry and Mildred) died a few years ago from breast cancer.

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    Greg Says:

    Hi Dale,

    According to ySearch, you and I have a genetic distance of 15, which means, according to Family Tree DNA, “The two men are totally unrelated within the genealogical time frame on their direct paternal line. Their shared ancestry is deeply anthropological and dates to the common African heritage of the human race.” We could be related but not within 15 generations. Seems odd considering how closely the timeline is between my Thomas Bennett and your Minerva Bennett (both traveled the Oregon Trail in the same year and lived in Iowa at about the same time). Oh, well. Always nice to chat with you, Dale, even if we aren’t related within 15 generations.

    Warm regards,

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    Dale Bennett Says:

    Hi Greg:
    I contacted you a few months ago about a Bennett family connection and mentioned I was having a DNA test through FamilyTreeDNA. I have since received the results which you can view on My user ID is KPUTQ. I tested at 67 markers so far I have had only one good match a Ralph Bennett Jr. he is also in the FamilyTreeDNA database. Please compare my results with yours and let me know what you think. I have done a review but I am not very knowledgeable at interrupting the results. I am assuming that you probably are.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Dale Bennett
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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