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    Greg Says:

    Dear Bronwyn (an interesting name, I think),
    Thank you for your post to my Guestbook. And thank you for your willingness to share. I recommend that when you are ready post your data to Rootsweb.com where it can be enjoyed and worked on by many many more – FREE. Just post a link to your Rootsweb database here so we can find it easier. Again many thanks for your most generous offer and intent. I’ve come to expect such generosity from my web site visitors. It’s refreshing in today’s world of financial woes and low levels of trust. – Greg

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    Greg Says:

    Dear Shannon,

    Thank you for posting on my Guestbook. I am not related to any of the Olds family. My aunt by marriage has a great aunt who married an Olds – and that is how the Olds came into my database. As I have not had time nor inclination yet to prove out the Olds line, I would highly suspect my Olds data. “One of these days” I tell myself, “I’ll get a round-tuit!” – Greg

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    Elarbop Says:


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    serwin Says:

    I noticed that you had posted some information on rootsweb on a Frances Shipp married to a Phoeboe Olds. He was my uncle and his brother was my grandfather. Phoeboes sister was my grandmother. Are you of relation or researching for someone?

    Shannon Shipp

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    Bronwyn Says:

    My name is Bronwyn. I am enjoying your website very much. George Sherman Lazenby is my great-grandfather. Alma Lazenby is my grandmother. When I am able to, I will share some more information.

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    Greg Says:

    Dear Sandi,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I’d love to connect and share information. Please contact me by email – just click the “Contact Me” link above.

    Best wishes,

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    dlhmda Says:

    Hi Greg,
    I am trying to contact you but the roots email was reurned as undeliverable and the antispam contact rejected me. I have some corrections for your Hull/Hulse genealogy. If you are interested, please see my Ancestry World Tree site for the info and for my contact info.



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    Sandi Says:

    I am researching the Keyt/Kemp families. Susan Kemp married E. C. Keyt in 1853. Susan was Sarah Kemp’s oldest daughter and sister of Anna Gowdy. Would love to see if we could share information. Thank you.

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    Greg Says:

    Dear Carol,

    I have not found Sarah Delashmutt among my Delashmutts. There were several Delashmutt families in the Willamette Valley as early as 1860. Mine arrived in 1852.

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    Carol Strobeck Says:

    My husband’s great grandmother was a Sarah DeLashmutt that could be the one you have in your web site. She named her daughter Amanda. DO you have any information on who Sarah married?
    Amanda was perhaps born in Salem or Oregon City in 1876- Did Sarah die?
    Amanda was taken out to eastern Wa where she met and married Walter West Markham.
    I would appreciate any information.
    We are Oregonions -but misplaced at the moment in Florida. We miss God’s country.

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