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  1. Hi Greg!

    My name is William Holman. My family is from Kentucky and I noticed a large amount of Holmans in your lineage. I am interested in learning more about my family’s past and wonder if you are in relation.


    • Hi William!

      Thanks for dropping in. I don’t know if we are related. You might start out by checking one of the many free family tree services like (click on the “Family Trees” button at the top of the page and enter a name in the Surname, Given Name boxes right under “More than 640 million names on file”. You’ll usually get more possible matches to your family line by entering a name of an ancestor who died more than 50 years ago. Look for trees with documentation (there’s a lot of bad info out there, so documentation helps sort out the bad from the good – more evidence is better). is pretty good, too, though there are lots of errors there as well – again, look for trees with good evidence. is pretty good, too, if a bit expensive (I don’t know your budget, so pardon me). There are lots of other web sites that offer similar services to Ancestry at comparable pricing.

      Hope I’ve been helpful,

  2. Sorry to say i don’t have any documentation of George Beard. Forgot to say on my last info is that Grandma and Grandpa settled in Winfield, Kansas. I know they lived all over Oklahoma before. They had 11 children with only 8 living to adulthood. My mom was born on a sheep ranch somewhere in Oklahoma, Vida or someplace like that. She had to send off for a special birth certificate because the town no longer is there, i don’t remember to much about it i was young then.

  3. Hi,
    My grandmother was Florence Goldina Beard , she married Floral Isaac Darnell. Grandma Goldie was a second cousin to Lyman Beard according to my records. Her parents were George Henderson Beard and Martha Ellen Coleman. George H. father was William H. Beard and William’s father was George Beard who was married to Matilda. Nice to meet another relative. Love all your Beard family pics.

    • Thanks for dropping by! I wonder if you have any information or documentation to elucidate the ancestry of George Beard (father of William H.). Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad you enjoyed the pics. -Cousin Greg

  4. Hi Greg

    Nice to meet you.

    I am the great grand daughter of Hessie Laura Bennett.
    She got married to Mr. Hesterlee. However, he was already married to someone with children in England. We believe his first name was David. From the marriage bed, Evelyn Marie Bennett was born. She married Russell Benigno and had 6 children. 2 of the children have already passed away. If you want more info email me. Can we be linked to the site?.

    Ps. I have a picture of all the brothers and sisters of Hessie.

    • Hi Nicole. Thanks for dropping by. Hessie is my wife’s fifth cousin twice removed (5C2R) – making you, then, her 7C1R. Waves and smiles to you – Greg

  5. Hi Greg;
    You are correct as to our common ancestor. Lawrence Roelofson, Sr.
    I am just am amateur at all this. I was born in 1935 but have played around with the family since about 1970.
    I don’t how to contact you.
    So will have to let you get in touch with me.
    I have several books and information about the Family.
    My data base in Family Ties (based on The LDS PAF program.
    I don’t know how to use the Getcon program however.
    I also have information for the Knepper, Gilson. Slafter, Countryman, Chamber, Cheny. and Reasoner families.
    I have about 1500 printed pages of family from which has since been retired by My Ancestery.

    I would like to share any and all
    Thanks for the reply.
    Mel Rolofson (Melvin Paul Rolofson)

  6. Hi Greg

    My father was Samuel Paul Rolofson
    I live in Gresham, Or.
    I have approx 14000 names in my data base
    Would like to get in touch

    • Hi, Mel. Thanks for dropping by. My guess is that our common ancestor is Lawrence Roelofson (1762-1855). His children made quite a contribution to our Oregon history. Please feel free to contact me using my contact page. Warmly, yer cousin Greg

      • Hi Greg
        I thought that I had posted my contact info. Before on the above query.
        But it don’t look like it. so will try again.

        Mel Rolofson
        2835 NE 6th St
        Gresham, Or. 97030

        Phone 503-669-8423

        I’m up, a brick wall as to how to contact you!

        hope to hear from you soon so we can compare or share information

        Regards cousin Melvin Paul (Mel or Paul) Rolofson

  7. You have a wonderful site! I was looking for my grandfather’s birthday last night and found him on one of your pages. His name was Elbert Ray Hazle. You have all the information about my family through him! Amazing. I’m writing, however, to tell you you have the wrong year of his death. He died in 1996 in August just before my Mother – his daughter Delta – died in Oct. that same year. Thanks for your site and it’s wonderful documentation!

    • Thanks, Leta. Unfortunately, I have no documentation on the Hazle family. I don’t even recall where I got the data on them. I’m gratified that my web site helped you – and thank you for the correction concerning your grandfather. -Greg

  8. Greg,

    I\’m midway through a 4-volume history of the Oregon-California trails and am wrapping up a comprehensive bibliography of some 2,500 overland narratives. I stumbled across your PDF of:

    Johnson, John Lawrence. Overland Journey of the Rev. Neill Johnson and His Family from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa to Oregon [1851]. WA MSS 274, Beinecke Library. See also Journal, 1851. Ms 1185, Oregon Historical Society, Typescript. Excerpted in “The Buffalo Skull Romance: John Lawrence Johnson,” in With Her Own Wings: Historical Sketches, Reminisces, and Anecdotes of Pioneer Women. Ed. by Helen K. Smith. Portland, Oreg: Beattie and Company, 1948, 47–52.

    But I don\’t have a complete web address for it. Could you send the link to me at

    Keep up the great work.

    Will Bagley
    The Prairie Dog Press
    330 Quince St.
    Salt Lake City, UT 84103-1640
    Home: 801-322-3911
    Cell: 801-231-6461 (doesn\’t work in the office during the day)
    Skype: will.bagley50

    I find the more I find out, the more I need to find out.–Dale L. Morgan

  9. Hi,
    I came across your website and am really impressed by the work you’ve done. I live in Colesville, Maryland, and am trying to learn more about the early citizens of my community. I believe some of your ancestors had the surname Lazenby. There is an 1865 Martenet Map of our County (Montgomery) that shows someone named “F Lazenby” living here in the community at that time. I was wondering if you had heard of this person before.
    Steve Patterson

    • Thanks for dropping by, Steve. I’ve only one F. Lazenby in my ancestry – Fairy Lazenby, a 4th cousin, who married Frank Wolverton. She lived in the 20th century but I don’t know where (most likely NC). I have record of Joshua Lazenby (son of Robert Lazenby of Montgomery Co) married to Keziah Beall ca 1780 in Montgomery Co, MD (both were born in Montgomery Co). You might look into the Beall family as well. You may wish to do a search of my data on Rootsweb or Ancestry if you think such a search might be fruitful (links are on this web site under Database).
      Best wishes,

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